Spiritual Creativity

If we’re talking about Spiritual Creativity, searching it on google, and try to explore the exact definition. There will not be one! Since there is no exact definition to describe the terms.


But, there seems to be exact correlation between spirituality and creativity. Creativity helps people to build up spiritual connections and gives the feeling that we are in the zone of flowing life. People who are creative can see beyond the wonders of nature as they have the freedom to create what they see in nature.


As the writing that Pak Agus Nggermanto also mentioned, that the new quotient has now emerged and starting to be famous and consider as the most important quotient rather than emotional quotient and intelligence, and it is spiritual quotient. It is described as a measure that looks at a person’s spiritual intelligence in the same way as intelligence quotient (IQ) looks at cognitive intelligence. The concept encapsulates 6 types of personality: social, investigative, artistic, realist, contractor and conventional.


According to standard theory on emotion, emotions of creatures are natural; they are genetic, hormonal or instinctive in nature. Spiritual Quotient theory posits instead that emotions are derived from thousands of spiritual inspiration channels, and aims to encourage people to find ways of sensing channels of inspiration floating in the universe. (Quoted from Wikipedia)


As we can see in this explanation that spiritual quotient gives more inspiration artistic sense of one individual, and as we know that art is one of the things that essential for creativity and innovation. Therefore it is obvious that the spiritual intelligence encourage people to have more creativity to finally produce an innovation.


And quoted Pak Agus writing in his posting Kita dapat menjadi hebat melampaui segala batas bukan karena kekuatan diri kita sendiri. Tetapi karena memperoleh kekuatan spiritual dari Tuhan. Kekuatan kreasi dan inovasi kita adalah tanpa batas karena kita memperoleh titipan kekuatan dari Tuhan.”

I should say that i could not agree more to the statement, and yet i believe as we’re becoming more aware to the existence of spirituality and God, we feel more thankful and grateful for what we had and able to see the world in a beautiful picture, creating an absolute happiness and inner peace where creativity is most likely exist 🙂



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