The So Called Scamper Method:

Call me impulsive writer or a person who is drifted by the current trend, but for this S-C-A-M-P-E-R assignment i’m so gonna use Facebook as my object! Yes yes, true! Had just watched Social Network guys :p

Here’s my Facebook Scamper, in a quiz format, enjoy!

Q: Facebook substitutes_________

A: The use of (boring, thick, conventional) yellow-pages! Not only that, Facebook is, well somehow, substitutes the use of School’s Year Book. It also substitute the use of printed photo’s album. Well, it is literally substitute the use of Friendster, no offense though :p

Q: Facebook combine__________

A: Games, photo-album, people’s profile, online-messenger and put those things all together in one exciting website

Q: Facebook adapts___________

Q: Social networking website concept! (So obvious). Well, the good thing about Facebook is also they manage to be so responsive in adapting new way of ‘mobile-generation’ lifes. They adapt the blackberry and mobile format with their effort in creating Facebook mobile version and Facebook for Blackberry.

Q: Facebook magnifies__________

A: Conventional social networking website concept into a more complete website where you can have the function of twitter, friendster, flicker, instant-messenger, and online games in it.

Q: Facebook put its website for other use, such as________________

A: Lately, especially in our country Facebook has put its own position as social-networking website into other use for like online-shopping. Many shops have opened an Facebook account and sell their stuffs in it. Other than that, Facebook had been used by political party for their campaign. Some of political candidates, even like Obama, had been using it for grabbing more votes for political purpose.

Q: Facebook has succeed in eliminating______________

A: Privacy!! No further explanation. Haha, well the good thing is it eliminates the ‘distance’ between you and your colleagues. Like you have this virtual world where you feel that you’re just an inch away from them, if this not too much to describe how Facebook eliminates distance hehehehe

Q: Facebook rearranges_____________

A: The way people connect with each other. People start to contact their old friends again which maybe have been gone for the last three years. So it basically rearrange the social relations between people. How generous of Mark Zuckerberg. God bleess you, Mark!

End of the Quiz.


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