Spiritual Creativity

If we’re talking about Spiritual Creativity, searching it on google, and try to explore the exact definition. There will not be one! Since there is no exact definition to describe the terms.   But, there seems to be exact correlation between spirituality and creativity. Creativity helps people to build up spiritual connections and gives the … Continue reading

As the tweets gone by, where did the money go?

Twitter has become an influencer in the way information is shared around the world. But while its immediacy, transparency and simplicity offer answers about all things both newsworthy and massive, one big question about Twitter has gone virtually unanswered: how it plans to turn a profit (?) And that question then lead to another question … Continue reading

The So Called Scamper Method:

Call me impulsive writer or a person who is drifted by the current trend, but for this S-C-A-M-P-E-R assignment i’m so gonna use Facebook as my object! Yes yes, true! Had just watched Social Network guys :p Here’s my Facebook Scamper, in a quiz format, enjoy! Q: Facebook substitutes_________ A: The use of (boring, thick, … Continue reading