The Shrine of Creativity and Innovation: Nippon!

Toshiba, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Subaru, Honda, Sony, Nissan, Yamaha, Canon, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Fujitsu, etcetera.

Do you feel familiar with all the names? Don’t you think that it will make big differences if those brands were not existed in this world? We might still live in a way that Fred and Wilma live their lives if they were not invented. Those brands invented the utmost important things that ease our life and bring luscious comfort for us. The people behind those brands have made great effort to continuously create innovations. They put a lot of hard-work and concern to some particular things until they invent something remarkable. Some of you perhaps start to admire the brand, the company, the people behind the brand, but don’t you realize that those brands derive from one root, one similar exact state, which is, Japan.

So, is it too much to say that Japan is the most creative yet innovative country in this world? Well, i guess not. The culture of their country has formed the people to be creative and innovative. The result of their creativity has proven the products deserve to call be called as innovation. People appreciate it, start consume it, and become addicted to it.

Fastest train, Shinkansen.

Supermarket cashier: Self-service. Only in Japan!

Flat TV! How we praise this invention!

Cute colors versus great resolution to keep memories. A ceasefire of choosing what's better!

Cocaaa cooolaaa, I want you! Please come here. In Japan, that's possible!


Those pictures above are only a glimpse of the prove about Japanese creativity and innovation. If you want to now more, ask Mr. Google and get ready for the awe-attack!



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