What is The Most Important Innovation in Your Life?

This may sound cliche and all, but the one i think that would make a big difference if it was not invented in the first place is, simply, The Internet.

When i asked myself that question, the very first thing that came up to my mind is BlackBerry. But then at the second thought, i started to think that what makes BlackBerry seems so important is the push e-mail and mobile internet feature that has allowed me to do browsing 24/7 in every places around the globe. So then, obviously, internet still rank the first in my most-important-innovation-list.

Another remarkable innovation then popped up, which is an airplane, it has impeccably given us more than just the benefit of faster time to travel. It gives us more than that, it has given people chances to see the beauty of god’s creation in the other side of the world which further gives people life’s changing experiences, reasons to be even more grateful to God, and the diverse knowledge that one could not get from his own place that he can share with his fellow back home.

But since this intangible little man’s creature came into our life, The Internet, you don’t need to travel far, back and forth, from some place to other to get all those information, you don’t need to buy stack of books which is known as ‘the window of the world’ to be able to see what God has created for us, oodles and oodles of information awaits to be absorbed by people ranging from how-to-boil-water until how-to-create-atomic-bomb-only-with-television-remote. Internet has became the new window for your world, it virtually eliminates country’s border, distance, and time difference. It has allowed you to virtually be in many places at a time.

Just like the modern generation said, with Internet, the world is just a click away!

So in conclusion, Internet: ease your self to chase everything and you’ll be pleased, isn’t that the point of making innovation? To ease one’s activity and pleased people.




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