Before your mind drifting away wondering where will i bring this posting to with such title above, you (read: all men!) better lower your expectation cause this time it will be about Umbra! A company which sells everyday products that alter the overall aesthetic of a home. Weeheew, quite an explanation.

Okay. Here we go. About Umbra. Well, skip about the Company’s profile and history. What i want to say is actually, i guess the designers in Umbra have a thing for a sleek yet uncommon design over particular home appliances. They say pictures tell us thousand of words, so i will not ramble on. Here are the ‘thousands of words’:


Hang in there!

A letter to the hangers-on

Branches of Beauty

Uncountable reflections

Multiple of fools....

Fountain of memories
And another dripping of those..
And some snaps of some others.
A serious, generous stock for wine and dine


Looking at the above photos, is it too much to say that Umbra is also counted as one of the Most Creative and Innovative Company? Well i guess not. Umbra added values to ordinary things, they make it more attractive, ‘decorate’ the whole different concept of common-everyday-products, they give some sugar and spice to lethargy routinity, and on top of those, they ease the activity, they organize your everyday life under people subconsciousness.

How could Umbra attack people’s subconsciousness? This is how it goes: they buy the Umbra envelope hanger and start to put home keys, car keys, and other keys on the hanger, put their everyday sun-glasses beside, and the electricity bill and other important letter on top of the hanger. Without realizing it, Umbra organize their life, they create framework of putting things for people to be well-managed and organized :p. Somehow, you don’t have to think from the scratch, simply improve the existing!

No need to be techno geeky or programming master to create a captivating innovation, no offense for Google and Apple though hehe. With a fresh mind and a little bit (even massive) knowledge of having fun, you could go beyond ordinary and create positivity to your mind which lead the whole neuron to push yourself to creativity and finally form a thing or two which will be recalled by people as innovation!

Simplicity is the result of innovation, therefore try to use it (simplicity) to form some others (innovation)!





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